Benefiz-Flieger Challenge 2021

Annemarie Hunecke, a native of Bönen, is now taking time out for the soul with her association.

What was discussed for the first time about 2.5 years ago at Kamen Heeren-Werve airfield with young committed pilots is now becoming a reality in 2021.

Airplanes fly against cancer ! Organized as a plane – Challenge.

After the actions Cycling against Cancer (2017/2018) and Biker against Cancer ( 2019/2020), this is the third nationwide action of the association founded in 2017, which organizes “Free Holiday Weeks for Destint Cancer Patients”.

Pilots have already registered nationwide to support these pilots.

Ultralight pilots, motor gliders, motor aircraft and helicopter/gyrocopters can take part.

Pilots from Sylt in the far north to Kulmbach in Bavaria in southern Germany have already registered for this challenge.

But not only from Germany come registrations to take part in this challenge, but also from Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and even from sunny Andalusia in the deepest south of Europe.

Here the German pilot H.Mergenthaler flies with his ultralight aircraft Eurostar EV 97; he, too, will support this challenge. Pilots from the island of Mallorca have also already registered. Pilots from Hamm, such as the well-known aerial photographer Hans Blossey, are also present.

Support also comes from the German air sports associations such as .B the, in the March issue of the association newspapers “Der Adler” the project will be presented.

The highlight of the presentation will be the presentation of the project at the 8th International Cessna Meeting, which will take place from 9-11-7-2021 in Jena. The association will be represented at this meeting with its own information stand and will present the project there.

The project has been https://www.facebook. com/groups/535002367390252 set up a Facebook group.

Under flieger-challenge-2021, the progress of the challenge can also be tracked.

The project officer of the association is Frank Brockbals in Holzwickede, who as a former aviator is unfortunately no longer allowed to fly himself after a heart operation. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail at or by telephone on 02301 – 1854059 or 01520 – 4590627.




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